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• Rapper • Songwriter • Producer • Sound Engineer • Public Speaker • Visual Director • Content Creator • Fashion Designer •


With the intention of conquering Europe and adding to its ever-growing music culture.  Self proclaimed #PrinceOfEurope Blaks Marshall, First and foremost is a Rapper, Songwriter & Producer born in Kingston Jamaica.  Over the years, Blaks' creative drive has extended his skill set to include Sound Engineering, Visual Directing, Commercial Modelling and Fashion Designing. All in all Blaks is a true artist that has the passion for all creative content and does not limit himself to one particular art form.

Raised in the multicultural power city of London, Blaks has an innate sense of diversity and has already taken his UK sound to countries such as the Czech Republic, France, Slovakia and Romania.  A frequent flyer within Europe, Blaks has been building his fan base independently and recognises music breaks all barriers and supersedes differences.

Founder & Managing Director of umbrella company Kensington Class Limited, Blaks has taken full control of his destiny and releases his projects through the company media, entertainment, recording & publishing imprint ‘KCX’.

The integration of his split personalities through catchy hooks & smooth vocals over thumping 808s and progressive melodies, form the sound of the ladies’ man ‘Blaks Marshall’. Alternatively there’s the young man who wears his heart on his sleeve, lays his cards on the table and bares all, known as ‘David Blake’.

Currently writing & co producing for his new project, ‘Lost In Translation’. Blaks plans to release single after single as he describes ‘LIT’ as a continuous body of work. Showing the natural progression of not only an artist, but as a young man finding and expressing himself through The Arts.

Confident, charming, yet humble, Blaks Marshall gives you entertainment and David Blake gives you his story.


MUSE: a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.